That's right, dudes! I have a webpage. This is my webpage. SO ADVANCED!

My name is Tresch. Some people call me Dusty (including, but not limited to: My parents, Ryan). I like video games. I LOVE VIDEO GAMES. I also like other stuff. Like drawing. And motorcycles. And roller coasters. And starting sentences with conjunctions.

I'm on staff as LAN chair for a convention in the Washington D.C. area called MAGFest. It is a video game convention and rock concert. It completely and totally kicks ass! You should all come. Click on the link there and pre-register!

Here is a flash banner I did for the site. We're going for a Final Fantasy VI theme this year.

Friends and I have been playing a significant amount of the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Demo lately. A fantastic game. I thought I was kinda sick of this gameplay style after Battlefield, but they've manage to pull what was good about those games into one really solid incredibly fun package.

Quake Wars page! Here are some pictures of stuff!

Anthrocon 2003
Anthrocon 2005
Anthrocon 2006
Anthrocon 2007
C-ACE 2005
Canada trip 2006

Welp, see ya!